Featured Adventurer

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Nikki Van Derhoof

Long Beach CA


  Nikki is a 25 year old former Cal State Long Beach Water Polo player with a  degree in Mechanical Engineering. She was born and raised in Long beach and has a propensity for the outdoors. She enjoys rock climbing, ice climbing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, fly fishing and backpacking. Her current goal is to backpack from the Kings Canyon National Park all the way to Bishop CA. 

  Her climbing goals include increasing her skills in multi pitch trad climbing and increase the grade to 10a. She also wants to increase her ice climbing skills. "I have vivid memories of waking up in Zion to a flash flood and enjoying the hardest parts of the outdoors. Thats what makes it fun."

Nikki's favorite quote is one by Johnny Cash, "if you're going to be dumb, you'd better be tough."

"Ive had the pleasure of climbing with Nikki and have watched her grow in the sport. She is now getting started in Winter Mountaineering. She is a beast!"

           -Dan Sherman