Jenica Law

Mammoth Lakes CA

Photo credits: Head shot Jim Purdum, Mountain biking Amanda Benbow, Humphreys Sidewalk Tom Grundy, Sport climbing Olga Nezhevenko

Hi everyone!

I’m Jenica and I currently live in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’ve always been a Jill of all trades, and this has continued to manifest itself through my current athletic endeavors out here in the mountains. If you were to ask me what my favorite outdoor activity is, it will probably change by the day. Mainly, I am a climber, skier, and mountain biker. I boulder, sport climb, trad climb, and alpine climb. I ski on the mountain, and in the backcountry. My mountain biking tends to be more of a solo endeavor where I chase after vertical gains (pedal uphill!) and lesser traveled terrain. I like the idea of being able to do anything “off the couch,” and am known to continually keep going, like an energizer bunny.

The Eastern Sierra is where I feel most at home, though I was born and raised in the Bay Area and spent five years there after finishing college in New York. I was a climber before I was a skier or a mountain biker, and I credit climbing for exposing me to this region. However, when people ask me why I moved here, I tell them that it was not for climbing, but instead it was for the mountains. 

This place abounds with opportunity, and I am continually inspired by my friends and the many local “crushers.” I am luckier than ever to have found my own niche out here, where I’ve built solid, deep friendships with people who I can ramble with outside (what a bonus!). I’m excited to continue with all of my athletic pursuits and goals (there are so many!), while simultaneously working on furthering my career in medicine.




Tammy Watson

Mammoth Lakes CA

Photo Credits: Portrait Nayton Rosales , Bottom left Jay Kolsch, Center Michael Pang, Right Danny Winsor.


  My Name is Tammy I live in Mammoth Lakes, CA and have for the last 7 years! I originally moved here to pursue snowboarding and delve into backcountry snowboarding. Well the years were dry and all of my friends started going down to Bishop to climb, I had only known of climbing by a few friends who use to go to a gym, I had no idea there was a world of outside climbing! Living close to Bishop I started out bouldering, then after a few months I got into sport climbing where I fell in love with getting high off the ground and climbing long routes. Summer rolled around and I discovered Tuolumne! This magical world of granite domes! Inspired by them I knew Instantly I had to learn how to Trad climb!

After climbing for a few years I met my good friend Shelma, she is the founder of the Women’s Climbing Festivals, I knew there was a need for something like this in our male dominated climbing community! So naturally I was on board helping her every chance I could get! I’m trying to become the best all around climber I can become! I’d love to excel in all aspects of the sport! And yes, I still love snowboarding! 


"Tammy is an amazing climber and a genuine person. Its been my experience that she will go out of her way to support friends at every turn! You can find Tammy on the cover of the new Bishop Bouldering Guidebook"

-Dan Sherman


Freddy Unger

Los Angeles CA

  Freddy Unger is a resident and native of Los Angeles. He began his outdoor adventure at the age of 13.  He found surfing while hanging at the local spots at Malibu and Topanga Beach. Soon after he discovered his passion for hiking/backpacking and climbing in his backyard in the local Santa Monica/Los Padres mountains. Prior to attending Pepperdine University and a last ditch effort to have some serious fun, he moved to Mammoth, CA.  He spent most of his time living and skiing in Mammoth Lakes. 

  In early 2013, he found the sport of canyoneering and has been passionately pursuing it ever since. He has received and completed the following courses by ACGA Certified Instructor/guide Klaus Gerhart; Technical Canyoneering, Advanced Canyoneering, Canyon Leader, Canyon Rescue, Map and compass navigation course, CPR and Wilderness First Aide (SOLO)

  From the beginning Freddy began hosting practice workshops and then began organizing and leading canyoneering events.  He has lead more than 100 trips and 50 workshops with more than 200 descents in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.  He has taken the lead for over 50 C Class canyon events - these canyons are considered to be the most challenging because they take place where the canyons have waterfalls and hydraulics and are for the advanced canyoneer.

  He is the founder and sole administrator of Facebook SoCal Canyoneering Group.  The page gives the region a more localized presence in the community and facilitates interaction and communication among the all the SoCal canyoneers.     

Freddy still continues to hold practice workshops for free. ‘’ I am a strong proponent of safety and education – I love to give back to the community and be a positive influence on those just entering this fantastic sport.”

"Freddy is one of those guys that everyone loves to be around and makes everyone comfortable in their own skin. He is fun loving but most importantly he's just a wonderful person."  -Dan Sherman


Harrison Voorhees

Orange County CA

  Harrison is a 25 year old “Shoeperstar“ (Product Specialist, Marketing Assistant, Brand Ambassador) for Evolv Sports & Designs and a Gonzaga University Alumni. Born and raised in Anaheim, California, Harrison spent childhood winters skiing in Mammoth with the Long Beach Ski Club, and summers exploring National Parks with his mother. He enjoys anything that feeds his adrenaline rush from climbing, riding and racing downhill mountain bikes, cliff and bridge jumping, and anything else that he can be peer-pressured into.

A happy and prominent “pebble wrestler”, Harrison prefers projecting short, hard, and technical climbs as opposed to longer adventure or traditional climbs. He is well known for asking, “What is this rope for?” before hopping on a sport route. This season, Harrison wants to push his bouldering further into the V7-V8 difficulty range, but has been having too much fun being adventurous with DNA and all of his new adventure friends to train seriously. And that’s just fine with him.

Harrison has a hard time making decisions on occasion, so he picked two of his favorite quotes:

 “I want to have fun. It’s a beautiful life. You learn, you win, you lose, but you get up.” - Nas

“Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard[er]” – Colin Powell 

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Nikki Van Derhoof

Long Beach CA


  Nikki is a 25 year old former Cal State Long Beach Water Polo player with a  degree in Mechanical Engineering. She was born and raised in Long beach and has a propensity for the outdoors. She enjoys rock climbing, ice climbing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, fly fishing and backpacking. Her current goal is to backpack from the Kings Canyon National Park all the way to Bishop CA. 

  Her climbing goals include increasing her skills in multi pitch trad climbing and increase the grade to 10a. She also wants to increase her ice climbing skills. "I have vivid memories of waking up in Zion to a flash flood and enjoying the hardest parts of the outdoors. Thats what makes it fun."

Nikki's favorite quote is one by Johnny Cash, "if you're going to be dumb, you'd better be tough."

"Ive had the pleasure of climbing with Nikki and have watched her grow in the sport. She is now getting started in Winter Mountaineering. She is a beast!"

           -Dan Sherman